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About Me
Born and raised in sunny South Africa, my dream was always to become a teacher.  After many years of hard work this dream finally came true when I had the privilege of  teaching my first 2nd Grade class! Day 1 had finally arrived and as I walk into class having 48 2nd Grade students stare at me, I realize that there are no resources, no books, no paper and no pencils. For the next couple of years, I had hard work ahead and changing grades did not make it any easier. My teaching years in South Africa taught me a lot, but now it was time to spread my wings.  This time I jetted off to the UAE where I taught local students English as a second language with the focus being on English, Science and Math. This was a challenge of a different kind because I had all the resources I could possibly imagine, but now my challenge was in motivating the students in wanting to learn and keeping them motivated. My years of teaching has taught me how to think on my feet and create resources that would attract students' attention and keep them excited about learning.

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