We hope you had a great first term. Every month we share our top search terms with you, which may help for inspiration if you are a seller. Here are October’s:

The top 5 searches for resources on Mash.ie this month were:

  • Oiche Shamhna
  • Halloween
  • Bia
  • New language curriculum
  • Autumn

The top two results are unsurprising. I guess this might be useful to any sellers for November to look out for special events that are coming up.

Sellers might also be interested to note that again of the searches where there were no returns over 90% of them were store names. We’re still working on allowing store names to be included in search results but in the meantime, it would be a very good idea for sellers to include their name and store name in the description of their products.

The following terms were searched for with no results. (This excludes store names and misspellings of Halloween!)

  • Christmas Plays  (already!)
  • Science senses senior infants
  • Sound houses
  • Subbing kit senior infants
  • Infants Irish lesson plans on bia

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