Every month we look back on the products you searched for.

As it was December, there was no surprise what the top search item was – yes – Christmas! The word was searched 3 times more than any other search term. In the top 6 searches, variants such as Nollaig, An Nollaig and Christmas Activity Pack also had high search results. Randomly, the second and third most popular search terms were “hobbies” and “water” which goes to show not everyone is focused on Christmas! Éadaí and Aimsir were the other big hitters in December’s searches.

Sellers might be interested in some of the searches that achieved zero results. All but one were the names of stores. We are working on allowing teachers to search for their favourite stores but in the meantime, we’d recommend sellers add their store name in the description of their products. We would hope to have this facility available in the coming months as we work with our developers to improve the search functionality on the site.

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