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  • The Hospital/ Doctor 'I would See'.... template

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    assess what children recognise in the hospital/ doctor space with this free template

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  • Classroom jobs - job chart (polka dot)

    Classroom jobs chart.

    Jobs included are

    - Technology expert

    - Paper collector

    - Chair stacker

    - Door holder

    - librarian

    - line leader

    - messengers

    - lunch helper

    - table captains

    - gardener

    - sweeper

    - table cleaner

    - bin helpers

    - light monitor

    - caboose

    - calendar helper

    - weather checker

    - date stamper

    - photographer

    - teacher helper

    - substitute

    - supply monitor

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  • Classroom Jobs

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  • Cuiditheoirí Sa Rang - Class Jobs as Gaeilge

     19 jabanna sa rang (+ 5 blank templates for personalised classroom jobs specific to your class!)

    – “Cuiditheoirí Sa Rang" Heading

    – The children can refer to them for practising their Teanga ó Bhéal / Gaeilge Neamhfhoirmiúil 

    –Suitable for back to school set-up / classroom management 

    –Bright and attractive, with visual cues on flashcards!

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  • Classroom Jobs

    This product includes 21 different classroom jobs. Each job comes in a boy version and a girl version. These jobs can be laminated to last for a few years in the classroom.  

    See full description below for a list of the jobs included!

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  • Gaeilge/Bearla Classroom Posters

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    English/Irish Classroom Posters

    (Set includes 20 posters)

    Words included in pack:

    Door/Doras, Library/Leabharlann, Computer/Ríomhaire, Window/Fuinneog, Light/Solas, Chair/Cathaoir Whiteboard/Clár Bán, Projector/Teilgeoir, Floor/Úrlár, Sink/Doirteal, Drawer/Tarraiceán, Games/Cluichí, Wall/Balla, Clock/Clog, Cupboard/Cófra, Shelf/Seilf, Desk/Deasc, Table/Bórd, Rubbish Bin/Bosca Brúscair, Paper Bin/Bosca Pháipéar

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  • SESE Long term plan- Junior & Senior Infants
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    SESE Long term plan- Junior & Senior Infants

    *SESE  Long term thematic plan suitable for Junior and Senior Infants.

    * 10 themes one for each month. 

    *Includes 15 Science experiment ideas, and links with History, Geography. 

    *Includes titles of 25 stories which could be used to further develop topics.

    * Includes ideas on how to link Aistear with planning.

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  • 6th Class Gaeilge Long Term Plan

    These are high-quality long-term planning notes for fifth or sixth class Gaeilge. All aspects of the curriculum included. These notes have received high praise from both the NIPT inspectorate and in a WSE. 

    They are an excellent guide for anyone starting out at a new class level this year or where you want to save yourself some time. 

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  • People who help us/Jobs (infants)

    15 page flipchart with pictures to prompt discussion on jobs/community/people who help us.

    Suitable for infants and/or EAL/SEN.

    You need ActivInspire to download flipchart. 

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  • Classroom Jobs

    70 Class Job Cards

    Boy and girl version of all jobs

    Jobs include:

    • Calendar Helper
    • Door Holder
    • Clean Up Monitor
    • Line Leader
    • Librarian
    • Lunch Monitor
    • Messenger
    • Pencil Monitor
    • Teacher's Helper
    • Table Cleaner
    • Lights Technician
    • Chair Stacker
    • Board Wiper
    • Rubbish Collector
    • Bathroom Monitor
    • Paper Collector
    • Gardener
    • Green Team
    • Sub Helper
    • Sweeper
    • Bell Ringer
    • Homework Helper
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • First Aid Helper
    • Food Patrol
    • Board Helper
    • Computer Helper
    • Class Pet Monitor
    • Art Assistant
    • Copy Collector
    • Weather Reporter
    • Table Monitor
    • Table Captain
    • Kindness Committee
    • Well-being Watch
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  • EAL: People who help us worksheet

    Based on theme: People who help us.

    Children draw what is in box. Good for assessment.

    Suitable for junior classes and/or EAL.

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  • Assistant Principal Post Interview Questions - AP1 and AP2 Post Preparation

    14 pages of sample interview preparation questions and answers for an Assistant Principal 1 or 2 post for an Irish Primary School. These questions include ones I have been asked during my own AP1 and Ap2 post interviews, and questions that I have generated based on “Looking at our School 2016, A Quality Framework for Primary Schools” and the PDST Comhar, middle management training.

    A sample cover letter for both an AP1 and an AP2 post to include with your application is also provided.

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