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    Classroom Jobs

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  • Cuiditheoirí Sa Rang - Class Jobs as Gaeilge

     19 jabanna sa rang (+ 5 blank templates for personalised classroom jobs specific to your class!)

    – “Cuiditheoirí Sa Rang" Heading

    – The children can refer to them for practising their Teanga ó Bhéal / Gaeilge Neamhfhoirmiúil 

    –Suitable for back to school set-up / classroom management 

    –Bright and attractive, with visual cues on flashcards!

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  • Classroom Jobs

    This product includes 21 different classroom jobs. Each job comes in a boy version and a girl version. These jobs can be laminated to last for a few years in the classroom.  

    See full description below for a list of the jobs included!

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  • SESE Long term plan- Junior & Senior Infants
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    SESE Long term plan- Junior & Senior Infants

    *SESE  Long term thematic plan suitable for Junior and Senior Infants.

    * 10 themes one for each month. 

    *Includes 15 Science experiment ideas, and links with History, Geography. 

    *Includes titles of 25 stories which could be used to further develop topics.

    * Includes ideas on how to link Aistear with planning.

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  • 6th Class Gaeilge Long Term Plan

    These are high-quality long-term planning notes for fifth or sixth class Gaeilge. All aspects of the curriculum included. These notes have received high praise from both the NIPT inspectorate and in a WSE. 

    They are an excellent guide for anyone starting out at a new class level this year or where you want to save yourself some time. 

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  • People who help us/Jobs (infants)

    15 page flipchart with pictures to prompt discussion on jobs/community/people who help us.

    Suitable for infants and/or EAL/SEN.

    You need ActivInspire to download flipchart. 

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  • Classroom Jobs

    70 Class Job Cards

    Boy and girl version of all jobs

    Jobs include:

    • Calendar Helper
    • Door Holder
    • Clean Up Monitor
    • Line Leader
    • Librarian
    • Lunch Monitor
    • Messenger
    • Pencil Monitor
    • Teacher's Helper
    • Table Cleaner
    • Lights Technician
    • Chair Stacker
    • Board Wiper
    • Rubbish Collector
    • Bathroom Monitor
    • Paper Collector
    • Gardener
    • Green Team
    • Sub Helper
    • Sweeper
    • Bell Ringer
    • Homework Helper
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • First Aid Helper
    • Food Patrol
    • Board Helper
    • Computer Helper
    • Class Pet Monitor
    • Art Assistant
    • Copy Collector
    • Weather Reporter
    • Table Monitor
    • Table Captain
    • Kindness Committee
    • Well-being Watch
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  • EAL: People who help us worksheet

    Based on theme: People who help us.

    Children draw what is in box. Good for assessment.

    Suitable for junior classes and/or EAL.

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  • Assistant Principal Post Interview Questions - AP1 and AP2 Post Preparation

    14 pages of sample interview preparation questions and answers for an Assistant Principal 1 or 2 post for an Irish Primary School. These questions include ones I have been asked during my own AP1 and Ap2 post interviews, and questions that I have generated based on “Looking at our School 2016, A Quality Framework for Primary Schools” and the PDST Comhar, middle management training.

    A sample cover letter for both an AP1 and an AP2 post to include with your application is also provided.

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  • 5x Weekly Plans - Multi-Grade (see description)

    5x weekly plans for each subject area for Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class 

    Very detailed - all fully editable Word documents

    Each subject is in an individual plan using the NIPT short term planning template

    Overall theme - People Who Help Us & one week of Spring/The Farm 

    2x Aistear lesson plans - The Doctor's Surgery & The Farm 

    Planned for February - March but could be done anytime throughout the year 

    Programmes used: Irish - Abair Liom, Maths - Planet Maths, English - Reading Zone

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  • Editable Classroom Jobs

    Use this technology themed classroom jobs set to give your students some responsibility within the classroom.

    It includes 12 specific jobs as well as editable cards which enables you to add any job you'd like.

    Write their names on clothes pegs and peg their name to a specific job.

    Jobs included:

    - Open/close the door

    - Floor sweeper

    - Line leader

    - Date changer

    - Class librarian

    - Weather changer

    - Class recycler

    - Turn on/off the lights

    - Job substitute

    - Class messenger

    - Teacher's helper

    - Milk collector

    Also comes as part of the Classroom Setup Pack:                                                                Mash > 1st / 2nd Class > Classroom Setup Pack

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  • Classroom Jobs/Postanna Ranga agus Classroom Rules/Rialacha Ranga

    Here is the bundle of my popular job chart and classroom rules in both Gaeilge and English.

    Find the Gaeilge version here or the original English version here

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