My husband and I are teachers who have taught in Ireland, United States, the UK and the United Arab Emirates. We have taught every primary grade level.  Masters in Education.

Our style has evolved and changed depending on where we have worked. When we taught in the US and in the UK, our style typically followed the 'model, coach, fade' format, 'I do / We do / You do' or Gradual Release method. When we have worked in the IB Curriculum, it was much more inquiry based. We have tried to adjust our planning to meet the needs of the learners in front of us using the best of what we have learned from each curriculum.

In addition to classroom teacher, we have experience as Head of Year 5, Head of Year 2, Whole-School Assessment and Data Lead, Whole-School Science Lead, & Whole-School ICT Lead. Various grade levels / year groups taught.

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