Little Miss Teacher

Vendor Review

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great selection of higher-order questions. Good reference to have to hand when reading with children.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Very detailed plan. Lots of cross-curricular activities and ideas, including relevant vocabulary, suggested picture books and songs/rhymes. Would also make a great template for anyone looking to plan other topics in a play-based approach.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Lovely, colourful resource, perfect for Mothers day for my infants

  4. 2 out of 5

    Plan is in PDF format. It is not helpful to have a PDF document as most teachers will want to edit the document for their own use.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Great resource!

  6. 5 out of 5

    The Brazil Day Resource pack has been developed by Little Miss Teacher. The reason I really like this resource is that the description of the product describes accurately what is inside the download. It is extremely good value for money priced at 1 euro as there are up to 8 pages of various activities for the teacher to use with his/her 5th Class. It opens with a reading document which is addressed at the correct reading level for 5th class and from this I can see that Little Miss Teacher has a very good understanding of this class level. The resources also included are a second informational text, mapwork activity, report writing template, fact page templates and a useful self-assessment tool in the form of the ever popular and widely used KWL. This resource is very suited to a substitute teacher or a new teacher working with 5th class. An experienced teacher would be able to create their own similar resources but this would save them a great amount of time. Brazil Day was on the 7th September but this resource pack could be used throughout the year and within SESE and/or English. I was impressed with the professional and careful way this product was put together. I can safely recommend this product as being one that “does what it says on the tin” and “a carefully put-together and thought out resource.” Thanks to Little Miss Teacher for sharing this and I am sure her class have benefited from this resource. Now, Little Miss Teacher can be sure that she spreading some consistent, good practice throughout the profession.

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