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  • 'An Aimsir' - Vocabulary Dobble Game (Gaeilge)

    🎲 'An aimsir' - Vocabulary Game (Dobble) 🎲

    Dobble is a fun game for children to practice and develop their vocabulary. Every card has one symbol in common, children must find the matching symbol and name it as Gaeilge in order to put down their card. The aim is to be the first person to put down all their cards!


    aimsir, báisteach, bogha báistí, ceo, deisceart, fear sneachta, fliuch, fuar, iarthar, oirthear, scamall, tintreach, tuaisceart

    Download details:

    • PDF of game instructions
    • PDF of vocab reference cards (small & large version)
    • PDF of Dobble cards
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  • 2 Stars and a Wish (Free!)

    ⭐ 2 Stars & a Wish assessment sheets ⭐

    x2 choices of design

    Children use the sheets to assess their own work or their peer's work. In the 'star' boxes they identify two successful areas, in the 'wish' box they identify one area that they wish to improve on. 

    Download details:

    • PDF containing both sheets. Can be printed in b&w or smaller sizes 
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  • Choice Board: Creative Writing/Reading Lesson (Think-Tac-Toe)

    ✍️ x2 'Choice Boards' ✍️

    Choice boards are a great way to differentiate your lessons & make them fun and engaging for the children! These boards are designed to be used as part of a creative writing lesson or after reading a class story etc.

    Children can choose from the board what activities they'd like to complete, as long as they form three-in-a-row. All activities are related and they are of varying levels, so as to cater for children of different abilities. 

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  • Christmas Bingo Game

    10 different 'Bingo' cards incorporating 24 Christmas-related vocabulary.

    Colourful cards with relevant visuals. 

    Download details 

    A4 PDF file, with 2 Bingo cards on each page. A total of 5 sheets to be printed, plus a word reference sheet for the teacher to use. 

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  • Christmas Display Cards - Vocabulary/Visuals

    33 page PDF for creating a Christmas display.

    Colourful, Christmas-themed cards with relevant visuals. 


    • 'Christmas' banner in 2 different sizes
    • 30 Christmas vocabulary cards with matching pictures
    • Blank cards for adding your own vocabulary
    • 'Days until Christmas' countdown card
    • 25th of December display card
    • 'Dear Santa' display card in 2 different sizes
    • Differentiated Christmas writing frames 
    • Baubles template for colouring in
    • North pole in 3 different sizes

    Download details 

    A4 PDF file x1, ready to print

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  • Christmas Vocabulary - Loop Card Game

    28 Christmas vocabulary loop cards, + blank template.

    Colourful cards with relevant visuals. 

    Children must match the word spoken out loud with the picture on their card and then read out their own word - 'I have Santa, who has a chimney?'

    Loop cards are a great way to reinforce vocabulary and assess children's reading. Plus children really enjoy playing loop card games!

    Download details 

    A4 PDF file, with 4 cards on each page. A total of 7 sheets to be printed. Blank cards at the end, in case you want to add in additional words. Master reference sheet and instructions for the teacher to use.

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  • Classroom Bunting/Display - Nature Themed (Full alphabet)

    🍃 A4 sized, nature-themed, letters 🍃

    Full alphabet is included so that you can print out letters to create any classroom banners or displays.

    Ready to print.

    Download details

    • PDF file of full alphabet
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  • Dathanna Display Posters - Flowers

    🌼 Dathanna display posters to hang in the classroom 🌼

    11 colours included in Jolly Phonics font, on a flower design 

    Large font to ensure children can read them across the classroom.

    Download details

    • PDF file, A4 sized with one colour in each page.
    • Zip file containing individual PNG file for each colour, with transparent background, so you can resize and use as you like.
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  • Exit Ticket / Self-Assessment

    Exit tickets are a simple and quick method of formative assessment method. 

    Use them at the end of your lesson to gauge the children's understanding.

    Download details

    • PNG file that you can print in whatever size you want
    • PDF document with exit tickets ready to print in 2 different sizes
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  • Exploring the 5 senses / Worksheet (free!)

    Free Download

    📝 A worksheet to help children explore the 5 senses. 

    Font is 'Jolly Phonics'. 

    Download comes as a PDF.

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  • Food/Bia - IFD, Lesson Plans, Resource Bundle - 3rd & 4th

    🥭 Lesson pack based on the theme of Food/Bia 🥭

    Integrated Flow Diagram detailing a week's worth of lessons for English, Gaeilge, Music, Drama, Visual Arts & P.E

    5 detailed Gaeilge lesson plans (in Irish), 1 Visual Arts lesson plan, 1 Music lesson plan & 1 P.E lesson plan

    Bia 'Snap' game

    Download details 

    • PDF of Integrated Flow Diagram (week's plan)
    • PDF of Gaeilge lesson plans x5
    • PDF of Music, Visual Arts & P.E lesson plans
    • PDF of Bia 'Snap' cards
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  • KWL Chart (free!)

    Free Download!

    📖 A KWL Chart is an active reading strategy.

    🧠 The chart helps activate the children's prior knowledge, which is important in order to help them make connections to the new information they're learning.

    🧑‍🏫 The chart helps teachers in they planning process, as they can take into account what the children already know.

    Download Info

    The download provides you with an A4 landscape PDF document, in both colour and b&w.

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