One of our excellent sellers,  Infant Teaching Ideas, has made some of the most amazing packs we’ve seen. Not only has she written a whole year plan for one class in the subject of SESE, she’s gone and made a whole year plan for all classes in SESE – from Junior Infants to 6th Class.

Here’s all the topics covered in the whole year of teaching SESE in 6th class:

  • Ireland – past and present
  • Planet earth
  • Weather
  • Australia
  • People in history
  • History of Ireland
  • The famine
  • Land rivers & seas
  • Europe
  • World War two

She’s even written a two year plan for infant classes containing all these themes:

  • Myself
  • Materials
  • Space
  • Old & new toys
  • Food & healthy bodies
  • The jungle
  • Spring
  • My community
  • Around the world
  • The zoo
  • Growing
  • Autumn
  • Water
  • Forces
  • Artic/winter
  • Jobs
  • Spring 2
  • Magnet/weather
  • Electricity
  • On the farm

The planning is broken up into the 10 (or 20 in the case of the two year plans) months of the academic year and each month has the detailed strands, strand units and objectives covered in each topic as well as space to record activity ideas and other curriculum subject links!

You can download any of these and other resources from the Infant Teaching Ideas’ Store:

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