September is the busiest month on and a crazy month in real life!

The top 5 searches for resources on this month were:

  • mé féin (71 results)
  • New language curriculum (128 results)
  • Aistear (332 results)
  • bia (87 results)
  • bua na cainte (27 results)

Sellers might be interested to note that of the searches where there were no returns over 90% of them were store names. We’re going to work on allowing store names to be included in search results but in the meantime, it would be a very good idea for sellers to include their name and store name in the description of their products.

The following terms were searched for with no results.

  • sound town
  • Aistear Breithlá
  • bia naíonán shinsearacha
  • chestnut tree
  • Christmas Plays (ALREADY!!!!!)

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