Business card for subbing

Word document with sample business card for subbing so just replace with your own details.
I cut these out and laminated them and stapled them onto CV.

16 English worksheets & flipchart(can be used as subbing pack)

16 worksheets in total. Range of English worksheets suitable from 3rd class up to 6th. Can be used in class or English support setting. Plus, a flipchart on capital letters.

Substitute Teacher Pack

Substitute Teacher Pack

At the end of February, I found myself subbing for a couple of days before starting a longer maternity contract. When I arrived at the school, I was shown the classroom and told if I had any questions I would ask the principal/head. I said that was fine and within about 10 minutes I had several questions but no idea where to find the principal/head. So I decided to create this booklet on all the information that I think it would be helpful to have or give to a covering teacher.

The document is saved as a PowerPoint so that you can edit it and add your own information. I have included some pages in different styles and formats so you can choose what is helpful for your own class.

This pack contains the following pages:

Ø Cover Page

Ø A Note From The Teacher

Ø Information at a Glance

Ø Key People & Information

Ø Important Places

Ø Class Timetable

Ø Class Information Cover Sheet (Same Design as Front Cover)

Ø Class List

Ø Learning Support & SNA Information X3

Ø Interventions & Exceptions

Ø Medical Needs & Allergies X2

Ø Class Routines & Procedures Cover Sheet (Same Design as Front Cover)

Ø Routines & Procedures – 3 Pages With The Following Headings:

o  Fire Drill & Emergency Drill

o  start & End of Day Routine

o  Roll Call/ Morning & Afternoon Register

o  Marking

o  Toilet Routine

o  Class Helpers & Special Helpers

o  Homework

o  Assemblies

o  Break & Lunch Duties

Ø Behaviour Management in our Class

Ø Table Plans

Ø Groupings for Different Subjects.

Ø End of Day Collection.

Ø Filler Activities. (Blank Page with header to allow you to add your own)

Ø Early Finisher Activities. (Blank Page with header to allow you to add your own)

Ø Guest Teacher End of Day Report.


If you find this useful or have any suggestions on improvements, please do let me know.

Go raibh maith agat. 

Self – Portrait Silhouettes

The aim of this visual art lesson is to explore the meaning and examples of silhouettes, explore colour and the meaning behind various colours to help children choose the colour that best fits their personality for their silhouette paper while also  using their interests to engage in exploratory/imaginative drawing to create self-portrait silhouettes.

This art lesson is perfect for any class level from Infants to Senior classes with some simple differentiation. It is an ideal starter lesson to get to know your students at the beginning of a new school year. It is also useful if you are subbing in a class at any level due to its personal relevance to children’s lives and minimum material requirements. It also provides an opportunity to link to weekly themes such as caitheamh aimsire / interests / hobbies, while also providing opportunities to link to the SPHE strand unit – Myself !

The Big Quiz

Table quiz for primary school. 5 rounds. Answers included.