Parent Teacher Meeting pupil reference sheet

A two page document detailing different aspects of pupil performance and attainment that you may want to discuss with parents at parent teacher meetings. Suitable for 2nd-6th class.

Parent Teacher Meeting Note Template *Editable*

The template I use to make my notes for parent teacher meetings. Can also be used to set up a mail merge and quickly add details such as name, age, parent names and attendance.

Parent Teacher Meeting Notes

Four Parent Teacher Meeting Notes Templates – PDF and doc versions

Parent Teacher Meeting Guide – Templates, Suggestions and Student Survey

Everything you need to get organised for Parent Teacher Meetings!

This 20 page Parent Teacher Meeting Guide includes five pages of tips and advice for teachers for parent teacher meetings, two pupil profile planner pages, two student surveys, a list of key questions to consider when planning for PTM’s and suggestions of samples of work to include in an assessment folder. This resource is ideal for teachers who are getting organised  for parent teacher meetings and may be especially useful for NQT’s.  An editable schedule for parent teacher meetings is also included as a word document.  This product is aimed at senior classes from 3rd to 6th classes. See the preview images for more detail.

Self-Assessment for Parent Teacher Meetings – Worksheet

Ideal reflection task for pupils to complete prior to parent teacher meetings. Pupils will identify their achievements and challenges so far this year, as well as reflect on their friendships. The resulting piece will provide many points of discussion and will inform parent-teacher meetings in a personal way. Suitable for 3rd class upwards. This task could also be filed in your assessment folder as a piece of self-assessment.