This is a guest post from ScannerPen who sponsored our recent competition.

Nurturing reading independence has been a leading goal of Scanning Pens since its founding. With the co-founder of the company, Jack Churchill, having dyslexia, support for reading difficulties has been a personal passion of his and Scanning Pens. Over one and half decades of aiding students and everyday people, we’ve learned just how important literacy skills can be to someone’s confidence and life quality.

Children are found to often either act out, or seclude themselves when they are having issues with their school work, and this is even more true during the exam period. It can be incredibly frustrating for students that can’t understand exam questions; even if their subject comprehension is high, they aren’t able to give clear answers if they can’t follow the text. That’s where we see early intervention for struggling readers can make a huge difference.

With the support of the ExamReader, students with reading problems are able to build their confidence, and develop a strategy to take their exams independently. The ExamReader scans text and reads it aloud or via earphones. It helps students unlock their literary potential by improving their comprehension of text, and in turn, improving their attainment

See what a student that has used the ExamReader had to say below:

I used the ExamReader during my summer tests.  I was in a separate centre and would normally have a reading assistant, with the pen, I didn’t need the help of the reader I could complete the tests using my pen.  I could see myself using the pen in the main centre next year which would be great.

Student feedback Leaving Cert exams, Fingal Community School

It’s not the just the students that benefit, schools can save thousands with the ExamReader! The SEC recognises and encourages the ExamReader as a way for students to independently access examinations as an alternative accommodation for a reading assistant. Below, find the SEC guidelines where they mention allowing access to the ExamReader:

The ExamReader isn’t about giving students an advantage, it’s about levelling the playing field so that they can keep up with their peers.

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