Word Wall Pack-Summer Theme-Infants-4th Class


Word Wall Pack-Summer Theme-Infants-4th Class

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Word Wall Pack-Summer Theme-Infants-4th Class Word Walls are simple and effective ways to use spelling, writing and reading in a linked and thematic way in the classroom. Words are cut out, laminated and placed up on display. Students use for formal, informal writing on a particular topic and can be linked with spellings and their weekly test if you use that as a form of assessment. This Word Wall Summer pack contains:

  • Guidelines for teacher
  • Colourful Word Wall Cards for 62 words related to the summer theme.
  • 4-page document on teaching and learning activities to go with the word walls.
  • Blank Bingo card templates suitable for the word wall activities.

Words are:

beach                 shell             sand             sandcastle                swimsuit

swim                 pail              spade            bucket                     sandals         

crab                   fish               starfish          jellyfish                             towel           

ball                            airport           bright            hot                         fruit   

holiday              boat              grass             outside                    chair

sunscreen            sunhat           sunglasses      flip flops                  barbeque

picnic                 burger           sausage         ice cream                 lollypop

pool                  park              fishing           camping                  football

airport               bike              shorts            t-shirt                      skirt   

dress                  sun               flowers          insect                      bee    

ladybird             friends           family           play                        season

May                  June              July              August                    summer   travel            wave   

If there are any summer words, you would like me to include, please let me know and check out all of my other summer related activities on my teacher shop. Thanks,   Rozz


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