A bundle of 14 numeracy activities with a Winter theme.

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A bundle of 14 numeracy activities with a Winter theme.

Number of the Day: 5 different Number of the Day worksheets to keep you going all through the Winter season. Choose a different number each day to help increase number sense. Each worksheet has a variety of activities that facilitate independent activity. Great for morning activities, early finishers, intervention.

Multiplication Drills: 4 different multiplication drill worksheets to help learn or revise tables. Each sheet is divided into 5 sections, one to be completed on each day of the week. One worksheet focuses on 2, 4, and 8 tables, another on 3, 6 and 9, another on 5 & 10 and lastly there is a worksheet covering a whole range of tables. Great to use as a warm up activity for your Math class, as an assessment, can be timed to improve speed and accuracy, for early finishers or morning activity. Enough for a whole month of work.

Activity Cards: 5 sheets of different cards that can be used for Math centers or stations. The cards include addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of large numbers; word problems; mental math and place value (whole numbers and decimals) activities. Answer Key included for sums and problems.


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