A set of 11 highly comprehensive, very high-quality yearly Third Class plans. Long term plans included in this bundle are for: English (new PLC), Gaeilge (New PLC), Maths, Art, Drama, Music, PE, SPHE, Science, History, and Geography. These plans follow the NIPT long-term planning template and guidelines and are therefore also suitable for doing the dip.

The plans contain aims, strands and strand units, list all objectives from the curriculum, outline skills and concepts to be developed where appropriate, give details of approaches and methodologies, list resources, outline assessment and differentiation strategies, and give possible areas of integration with other subjects.

These plans were designed to work with any scheme you are using and are fully editable Microsoft Word documents so that they can easily be changed if you are following a particular scheme.

Note: Don’t get caught out buying other plans that will soon be out of date! The English and Irish plans in this bundle are based on the Primary Language Curriculum for 3rd-6th class, due for publication in September 2019.

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Your purchase includes the following:

English and Gaeilge:

  • The layout of the plans is based on the NCCA Primary Language Curriculum draft long term planning frameworks and took me hours of research, typing and formatting to complete.
  • The plans contains the sections suggested by the NCCA in their planning framework, including general aims, the learning outcomes for each strand, methodologies, resources, linkage & integrations, differentiation and assessment.


  • A very comprehensive, high quality 13 page yearly English plan, based on the New Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) which is due for publication in September 2019.
  • In addition to the required sections listed above, the plan also has a comprehensive table containing suggested themes/ topics, content, resources, linkage and integration for each month. This plan is not based on one particular scheme, and so these suggestions can easily be edited to suit your needs if you are following one.


  • 3 high-quality plans for Gaeilge based on the New Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) which is due for publication in September 2019.
  • There is one plan with the content from the Abair Liom E Programme and another with content from Bun go Barr 3. There is also a plan with the content section blank so you can fill it in with whatever content you wish if you do not follow a particular scheme or you do not use either of the above schemes.


  •  A high-quality, comprehensive 14 page yearly plan for mathematics which contains aims, strands, strand units, the curriculum learning objectives, suggested learning activities from the curriculum, skills and concepts, methodologies, integration, differentiation, assessment.
  • This plan has been designed to work with any Maths scheme you are using and so it does not contain a monthly breakdown of content based on a particular scheme.
  • However if you are following a scheme and wish to include the content from this, most publishers have a document on their online resources with a monthly breakdown of their content and if you wish you can include this, however it is not essential part of the plan. The other sections above will be very similar regardless of the scheme you want to use.

All other subjects

  • There is one plan for each of the other subjects with content suitable for 3rd class. These are not based on any particular scheme or book but contain ideas/ suggestions for lessons that I have found worked well or the suggestions contained in the Primary School Curriculum itself.  If you wish to base the plans on a particular scheme, the content section can be easily changed, and the bulk of the plans (aims, objectives, strands, strand units, skills and concepts, methodologies, integration, differentiation, assessment), would remain the same.

A huge amount of time and effort was put into these plans and I am confident you will be very happy with your purchase. Positive reviews are very much appreciated to let other users know that these are quality plans.

For fortnightly planning templates for the Primary Language Curriculum click here.


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