A mini pack/unit based around Ireland to use in March alongside St. Patrick’s Day work.


St. Patrick’s Day Activities (Reading and Writing) – Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these fun no-prep activities in your class for March. These activties are based around a persuasive text, encouraging you to visit the country of Ireland.

This Product Includes:

1. Page 1- How to use this product.

2. Page 2- Clumping Activity (learning how to group similar information into the same paragraphs). Children will cut up and un-jumble the statements about Ireland, justifying why they have grouped certain statements together.

3. Page 3- Persuasive Passage about ‘Ideal Ireland’.

4. Page 4- Questions based on the passage ‘Ideal Ireland’ (retrieval and inference).

5. Page 5- Plan your own text on YOUR home country/home town (for those who are also from Ireland).

6. Page 6- Draw a labelled diagram of your home country/home town to persuade the reader to come visit- even MORE!

7. Page 7- Terms of use and credits.


Use this St. Patrick’s Day mini unit to supplement any St. Patrick’s Day activities you may have! It’s not directly linked to St. Patrick’s Day itself, however it’s based on the lovely country where St. Patrick’s Day was born- Ireland!

How to teach this lesson:

You can use this fully designed mini-unit as long as you need, because it includes all of the resources you need to teach it! You could also use it alongside your ‘Persuasive Writing’ unit too! It’s up to you 🙂

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