Sixth class plan created and used last year with a large Sixth class for a Whole School Evaluation. Earthlinks 6
was used in the classroom along with Small World SESE and Window on the World 6 GEOGRAPHY. Many other resources and books were drawn upon and these are in the plan. Even if the class is not following Earthlinks6, this plan can be adapted to use easily-as I only used the book from time to time-I mainly used internet resources and activities as outlined in the plan- Very useful plan and I would use this again.

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Sixth Class Geography plan used in a Whole School Evaluation last year. Taught for inspector and approved by two inspectors. Many games and online resources were used and these are in the plan. This plan can be adapted to use easily with a variety of different books and programmes. Covers requirements of Sixth class curriculum (studying an EU country, country with different climate to Ireland, areas of differing climate in Ireland, specific birds/wildlife/flora and fauna of Ireland) -I frequently used internet resources and these are outlined- Very useful plan and I would use this again.

 PLEASE NOTE: To avoid buying duplicates – this plan is also for sale as a part of a sixth class pack of plans on this site.





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