A high-quality, comprehensive 14 page yearly plan for maths at Second Class Level.
This plan follows the NIPT long-term planning guidelines and includes all of the sections recommended in their long-term planning template and is therefore also suitable for the Dip.
This plan contains aims, strands and strand units, lists all objectives from the Second Class maths curriculum, outlines skills and concepts to be developed, gives details of approaches and methodologies, lists resources, outlines assessment and differentiation strategies, and gives possible areas of integration with other subjects.

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A 14 page, very detailed maths plan for Second Class which contains many suggested learning activities in addition to the required sections (aims, objectives, strands, strand units, skills and concepts, methodologies, integration, differentiation, assessment).

If you are following a particular scheme and wish to include the content from this, most publishers have a document on their online resources with a monthly breakdown of their content and if you wish you can include this in the plan. As an example of how to do this, I have included the table from the Operation Maths scheme, but this can easily be edited to whatever scheme you want to use, or can be deleted entirely, as it is not an essential part of the plan and the plan is not based on the Operation Maths Scheme.

A huge amount of time and effort was put into this plan and I am confident you will be happy with your purchase. Positive reviews are very much appreciated to let other users know that this is a quality plan. If you purchase this plan and take the time to review it, as a thank you I will send you a sample second class timetable, as well as a 6 page thematic teaching grid outlining possible themes for the year and how I have integrated different subjects into these themes.

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