A lesson plan on the strand of Sacred Writings and their stories(The Bible, the Koran etc)

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The curriculum objectives are taken from the Learn Together Ethics Curriculum which is taught in Educate Together schools. However, many denominational schools might use the lesson plans to teach about the Catholic priest, Church of Ireland vicar, the Muslim Iman or Hindu priest. The lesson plans include:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Resources needed
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment methods
  • Learning activities

Also, see factfiles for all of the major world religions and their sacred writings and sacred people within them. Most of these are free of charge. Check out the other resources in my shop in Visual Arts and SESE Nature trails. I really appreciate your reviews and comments, let me know what you think of my resources or if there is anything you might like me to make and I will do my best. Rozz


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