A detailed lesson plan and activities to teach persuasive writing.

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Today was my observation and it was day 1 for us, engaging with Persuasive Writing. The children had to identify the features of a persuasive text using the AFOREST technique. (We used https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/aforest-support-mat-6332924) support mat and it was EXCELLENT!

This resource includes:

* a very detailed, differentiated lesson plan, which allows you to follow it step-by-step (just like I did).

* Links to the texts I used.

* Key for annotating.

* Advertisements for Lower Ability pupils.

To start: children will try to persuade their teacher to allow them to go for break 5 minutes early. To you (and the observer, this will show their prior knowledge of persuasion, which should be little at this stage).

Main: Using a key, children will highlight and annotate a piece of persuasive writing using a key to spot the different features. There are 3 different persuasive texts for high, middle and low ability children so that they can all access the content.

Plenary: Children will be placed into mixed ability groups of 4/6 and asked to SELL you a random object from the class (e.g. a pencil case) in a dragon’s den type fashion. This will show the observer (and you) the progress made since the start of the lesson as the children apply the techniques that they have learned.

Please let me know your thoughts on this lesson plan.



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