These are fortnightly planning templates for Gaeilge and English based on the New Language Curriculum.
I created these templates based on the suggestions from the PDST’s planning templates for the new Curriculum.
However, I did not find the PDST templates clear enough or easy to use so I spent a full week working on my own templates for Irish and English.
Planning for the new curriculum can appear quite daunting at first and there is a lot of new terminology, so I have written a quick guide to using the planning templates and have included them with this plan.

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The layout of these plans is suitable for any class using the New Language  Gaeilge Curriculum from Junior Infants – Second Class. It is also very suitable for multi-class planning due to section for outlining the progression milestones and steps for different groups in the class. I have included a blank version of the planning template for both Gaeilge and English that you can fill out for your own class. I have also included a sample plan for Gaeilge and English with content for First Class so you will see how to use it.

I have both of these plans are on sale separately, but you can purchase them here together at a discounted price.

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