These are comprehensive,very high quality yearly plans suitable for First or Second Class for the 2015 New Primary Language Curriculum.

For fortnightly planning templates for the Primary Language Curriculum click here.

Note: The NCCA will be making changes to the Infants – 2nd Class portion of the Primary Language Curriculum when the curriculum is re-released with the content for all classes in September 2019. Included in this bundle are updated versions of the Primary Language Curriculum Plans to take account of these changes so you will have an up-to-date version of the plans when it is released!

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This bundle contains a 14 page long term English plan and a 10 page long term Gaeilge plan for First or Second Class based on the 2015 New Primary Language Curriculum.

These plans are based on the NCCA draft long term planning frameworks and took me over 20 hours to complete!
The plans contain all of the sections suggested by the NCCA in their planning framework for the New Primary Language Curriculum including aims, learning outcomes for each strand, a section where you can mark which progression milestone the children are on at the beginning of the year and where you want them to be at the end of the year/ term, methodologies, differentiation, assessment, linkage and integration.

I have included 3 versions of the Gaeilge plan with this download so you can choose which one works best for your class:
Version 1 contains a table for terms 1,2, and 3 and I have left the content section blank so that you can fill in the stories/ poems etc. that you wish to cover. I have filled in all other sections such as methodologies, assessment, differentiation, and linkage/ integration.

Version 2 has the content section filled in and is based on the Abair Liom C Programme for First Class.

Version 3 has the content section filled in and is based on the Abair Liom D Programme for Second Class.

The English plan has a comprehensive table containing suggested themes/ topics, and content. The content gives suggested poems, rhymes, books, phonics, letter formation etc. that can be covered each month. This can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual class, be it First or Second Class or a mixed class with both. The poems, books, letter formation and themes are suitable for both first and second class, however I have included 2 versions of the plan with different grammar and phonics for first and second classes.

For even more clarity in both the English and Gaeilge plans, I have colour coded each strand so that you can see at a glance where it is referenced in the plan.

A huge amount of time and effort was put into these plans and I am confident you will be happy with your purchase. Positive reviews are very much appreciated to let other users know that this is a quality plan. If you take the time to review this product, as a thank you I will send you a sample first/ second class timetable, as well as a 6 page thematic teaching grid outlining possible themes for the year and how I have integrated different subjects into these themes.

Thank you!

20 reviews for New Primary Language Curriculum First/ Second Class Long Term Plan Bundle for English and Irish

  1. sarah (verified owner)

    Found these resources very useful as I was unsure how to incorporate the New Language Curriculum into my yearly plans. Very helpful indeed

  2. mary

    have studied these resources and found them extremely useful as I have not taught 2nd class for a number of years and was unsure how to go about writing plans for the coming year

  3. m (verified owner)

    Melanie-August 26,2018:

    I found these plans extremely helpful.Highly recommend them!

  4. Mary (verified owner)

    These plans seem very comprehensive and will definitely help me to revise my long term Irish and English plans to incorporate the New Language Curriculum. It is obvious that a lot of time has been put into them. Very helpful!

  5. Norah

    These are fantastic time-saving plans! There is so much detail in them, all of which can be easily tailored to suit your class. So happy with my purchase 🙂

  6. B (verified owner)

    Really beneficial. Makes the planning so easy to follow.

  7. Aoife

    Irish is terrific as will work for 1st 2nd and multi-grade. Great if you are using Abair Liom. Saved me hours of work, thank you.

  8. Jacqui (verified owner)

    Excellent resource. Very well organised and so detailed. This has saved me so much time!

  9. Georgina (verified owner)

    Great resource, very detailed and so easy to modify. Would highly recommend

  10. elaineconnolly82 (verified owner)

    Really happy with purchase. A very time saving resourse! V glad I purchased.

  11. fimcguire (verified owner)

    It’s a fantastic plan. It is very detailed and is very easy to modify. Would definitely recommend. Very please with my purchase and how much time I have saved. Well done!

  12. Catherine (verified owner)

    Very comprehensive plans. I didn’t know where to start so this has saved me a lot of time. Great work, thank you.

  13. lindamorrissey (verified owner)

    These are excellent plans and I found them very easy to use and edit. The colour coding was very effective. Thank you.

  14. Orla (verified owner)

    Delighted with this plan. Has saved me a lot of work. Very detailed. You can tell how much work has gone into them.

  15. Emma (verified owner)

    Such a fantastic resource , easily adapted to suit your own schemes. Saved me hours of work. Huge Thank you

  16. Sarah (verified owner)

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this great resource.

  17. Grainne (verified owner)

    These plans are so detailed and it is clear a lot of work has gone into these. They are excellent and have been extremely useful. I would highly recommend them! Thank you for making them available.

  18. Annette (verified owner)

    Getting back to this class level this year so I found these plams t o be really helpful in making my lomg term plans especially in terms of content and pace. They are really well laid out.

  19. Maura (verified owner)

    Really happy I purchased these plans. I had found planning overwhelming with the New Curriculum but these plans were exactly what I was looking for.. So detailed!

  20. Rebecca Finnerty (verified owner)

    Found these so helpful as an NQT.. really detailed!

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