A follow on from my previous product on understanding the features of a myth.

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o if you are viewing this resource, you NEED to check out my other product on myths first as this is a follow on from it. 

Children cannot and should not be writing their own myth without first of all familiarising themselves with the text type. Having completed that step, they can then begin to think about planning their very own myth.

This resource includes:
*3 day detailed lesson plan.
*Toolkit template for children to write down the features and necessary things needed in order to write a successful myth.
*Myth adaption sheet for drawing their new idea to change the myth.
*Pictures to caption- this confirms children’s ability to order the story.

The idea behind this week of teaching is that children are reciting/acting out the text each day, confirming their understanding of the story structure/sentence structure orally. Once children can do this, they will be able to write their very own version. They are encouraged this week to change one part of the myth in order to write their very own myth. For example: instead of Theseus and the Minotaur, it could be Theseus and the Lemontaur, who is a half lemon, half horse who throws lemons at Theseus?

By the end of these lessons, children should be able to write their very own adaptation to the myth: Theseus and the Minotaur. But as stated earlier, this is a follow on from the previous lesson.


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