Children love to create their own books… In these booklets, the children have to make their own selection of words to match the focus sounds. 3 different booklets offer the opportunity for differentiation and progression from phonological awareness through to phonics. 67 pages in total.

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When a child is asked to draw on their own phonological memory e.g. “Can you think of a word that begins with the sound s?” and draw their own awareness of words the possibility of retaining the word/sound relationships to memory is far greater. These sound booklets give children the opportunity to draw on their own knowledge rather than giving them a selection of words that begin with the focus sound. They are asked to think on their own, therefore the impact of the activity is far greater than if you were to just give them the words. They should be free to work alone or confer with their peer, sharing words and discussing sounds. This activity is intended for a short plenary to a phonological/phonics lesson  and the children love it and learn loads! Apart from the obvious learning content of this activity, the children always love an opportunity to draw their own pictures, make their own books and have a more independent choice over the words they choose. 


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