Mé Féin & Mo Chlann Resource. This product contains handouts, posters and worksheets for teaching ‘Mé Féin’ in the senior classroom. Create a ‘Mé Féin’ mini booklet for children to learn questions relating to themselves and their families. Posters of different families included for a pair activity and for teaching the vocabulary. Instructions for teachers are included in English. See the preview images for more details!

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Mé Féin & Mo Chlann Resource. I use this for teaching the ‘Mé Féin’ questions and vocabulary! My class stick the handouts into their Gaeilge Hardbacks. They can also be printed to form a ‘Mé Féin’ mini booklet. Children can learn the most important questions, phrases and vocabulary relating to ‘Mé Fein’. This resource is designed for 5th and 6th class but could be adapted to suit 4th if required. View the preview images to see sample pages from the resource.
This product includes:

•  Mé Féin Booklet Cover
•  9 Mé Féin Handouts to teach key questions. (Half A4 size)
•  Ag Comhaireamh Daoine Posters (Counting People 1 – 12 Posters)
•  Detailed Instructions and Suggestions for Teachers
•  21 flashcards of different families for children to talk about.
•  6 worksheets for practicing skills and vocabulary learned.

Questions covered in this resource:

üCad is ainm duit? (do/di/dóibh)
üCén aois thú?
üCé mhéad duine atá i do chlann?
üCén áit atá agat sa chlann?
üCé mhéad deartháir atá agat?
üCé mhéad deirfiúr atá agat?
üCén aois é/í?
üCé hé/hí an duine is óige sa chlann?
üCé hé/hí an duine is sine sa chlann?
üCén sort duine thú? (é/í)
üCén dath atá ar do shúile?
üCén dath atá ar do chuid gruaige?

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