This bundle is based on the Gaeilge theme Mé Féin. Suitable for classes from junior infants right up to 6th class. Bundle contains 50 posters with a mix of vocabulary and comhrá speech bubbles with key questions and answers based on the theme.

To see if this bundle contains all you need for the theme of Mé Féin check out the detailed description to see everything that is included.

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This colourful child friendly pack of posters would be a great addition when teaching the topic of Mé Féin, especially when playing games such as cluiche Kim or creating a bright, noticeable display in the classroom.

This package contains 50 different posters:

Mé Féin header pages
Corp, Ceann, Clár éadain, cluas, súil, gruaig, fiacla, lámh, srón, cos, smig, béal, méara, teanga, bolg, cos, glúin
Ages 4-12
Comhrá Speech bubbles – Cé tusa?, Is mise ____., Cad is ainm duit?, _____ is ainm dom, conas atá tú?, Tá mé go maith, Níl mé go maith, Cén aois thú? Tá mé ____ bliana d’aois, Tá mé____ mbliana d’aois, Tá mé ____ d’aois., Cad as duit? Is as ____ mé. Cá bhfuil tú i do chonaí? Tá mé i mo chonaí i ____. Cén dath atá ar do chuid gruaige? Tá gruaig ____ orm. Cén dath atá ar do shúile? Tá súile ____ agam.

PDF format – 50 pages total.


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