These are two science lessons for Junior or Senior Infants on the topic of identifying sounds in the environment, loud/ soft sounds, and high/ low sounds.
The lesson plans are laid out in a clear step-by-step and easy to follow way with plenty of detail (2.5 pages in total for each plan).
As well as the sections show in the picture the plans also include sections for assessment, integration, and differentiation.
As an added bonus, I have included a PowerPoint Presentation that I made for the lesson which includes all of the sound clips and pictures you will need.
I have included four posters which I made to illustrate the concepts of loud and soft, high and low.
I have included a lovely worksheet I made for the lesson as well.
These are two lovely lessons, tried and tested by me both on TP and when teaching my own infant class, and as such the lessons can be used for Infant Teaching Practice or for any Infant teacher.
Note: If you wish to purchase just one of these lessons, I have them on sale separately for €1.50 each.

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I got an A grade on every one of my Teaching Practice placements and my planning was always commented upon as being excellent (Mary Immaculate College).


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