A set of comprehensive, very high-quality yearly Junior and Senior Infant plans. Long term plans included in this bundle are for: English (new PLC), Gaeilge (New PLC), Maths, Art, Drama, Music, PE, SPHE, Science, History, Geography and Asitear. These plans follow the NIPT long-term planning template and guidelines and are therefore also suitable for doing the dip.

The curricular plans contain aims, strands and strand units, list all objectives from the curriculum, outline skills and concepts to be developed where appropriate, give details of approaches and methodologies, list resources, outline assessment and differentiation strategies, and give possible areas of integration with other subjects.

These plans were designed to work with any scheme you are using and are fully editable Microsoft Word documents so that they can easily be changed if you are following a particular scheme. The subject plans do not give a monthly break down of when to cover content, as instead I have included the aistear plan with stations for each week integrating subjects.

Note: The NCCA will be making changes to the Infants – 2nd Class portion of the Primary Language Curriculum when the curriculum is re-released with the content for all classes in September 2019. Included in this bundle are updated versions of the plans to take account of these changes so you will have an up-to-date version when it is released!

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  •  2 separate plans, one for Junior Infants and another for Senior Infants (as in maths there are different learning objectives for JI and SI) which contain aims, strands, strand units, the curriculum learning objectives, suggested learning activities from the curriculum, skills and concepts, methodologies, integration, differentiation, assessment.
  • The plans are not based on any particular scheme, however if you are following a scheme and wish to include the content from this, most publishers have a document on their online resources with a monthly breakdown of their content and if you wish you can include this, however it is not essential part of the plan.


  • 2 separate, very comprehensive, high quality 15 page yearly English plans, based on the draft New Primary Language Curriculum (PLC), one for JI and one for SI. The main sections of the plans are the same for both classes (aims, learning outcomes, themes) as are the suggested poems, books and activities to facilitate multi-class teaching, however there is different content in terms of writing and phonics for both classes.
  • The layout of the plans is based on the NCCA Primary Language Curriculum draft long term planning frameworks and took me hours of research, typing and formatting to complete. The plans contains the sections suggested by the NCCA in their planning framework, including general aims, the learning outcomes for each strand, methodologies, resources, linkage & integrations, differentiation and assessment.
  • In addition to the sections above there are suggested themes/ topics and content each term. The picture books, poems etc. are suggestions that I have found work very well but these suggestions can easily be edited to suit your needs if you are following a particular scheme.


  • A 10 page, high-quality plan for Gaeilge based on the draft New Primary Language Curriculum (PLC)
  • The plan contains all of the required sections, mentioned above in the description of the English plans and also gives suggested ideas for content based on songs, poems etc. that I have found work well.
  • If you are following a particular scheme and wish to include the content from this, in a similar way to maths, most publishers have a document on their online resources with a monthly breakdown of their content and if you wish you can include this in the plan.

All other subjects

  • There is one plan for each of the other subjects and they are not based on any particular scheme. If you wish to base the plans on a particular scheme, this can easily be added, and the bulk of the plans (aims, objectives, strands, strand units, skills and concepts, methodologies, integration, differentiation, assessment), would remain the same.


  • This is a 20 page long-term plan for Aistear for the year that took me over 40 hours to complete.
    The plan gives a theme for each week, lists 5 stations for that theme, says which subjects are covered at the station, gives a brief description of the station and lists resources needed. You can see a sample of some of the weeks in the pictures.
    The themes that are covered are as follows:
    Myself and my family
    Myself and my house/ home
    Colours and shapes
    Christmas/ toys and games
    The dentist
    Chinese New Year
    The doctor
    The post office
    Spring – animals
    Spring – plants
    St. Patrick’s Day
    Environmental Awareness – Spring Clean Month
    The vet
    Day and night
    The jungle

For fortnightly planning templates for the Primary Language Curriculum click here.

7 reviews for Multi-Class Junior & Senior Infant Long Term Plan Bundle

  1. Clara (verified owner)

    Delighted with this bundle. The English and Irish Language plans are especially helpful as they are laid out in great detail. The documents are easy to edit and the content is fantastic. It is clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into everything. Thank you so much!

  2. Catherine (verified owner)

    Delighted with this bundle of plans. Has saved me hours upon hours of work. Plans are very detailed and well laid out. They are also very easy to edit which is great. Thanks a lot.

  3. AnneG123 (verified owner)

    So happy I purchased this bundle of plans. Very detailed and acted as a great guide and starting point for creating my own plans. Very easy to follow. Thanks so much!

  4. Jessie (verified owner)

    Really happy that I purchased this bundle of plans, they are very detailed and they will be a great asset to me when creating my own plans. Thank you!!

  5. Gemma (verified owner)

    Delighted with this purchase! As an NQT, these plans will act as an excellent guide for my own planning in September. Some brilliant ideas, thank you!

  6. Ciara (verified owner)

    Delighted with my purchase, all of these plans are very detailed and will be a great help to me as an NQT! The plans are also easy to edit, which is fantastic. 5 stars for a great product from a great seller, who also went out of her way to answer a question I had and follow up afterwards. Thanks very much!

  7. Susan (verified owner)

    these are brilliant! so detailed and easy to follow. well worth purchasing

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