This is a sample IEP (yearly resource teaching plan) for a child with a diagnosis of ASD. The plan can be used as a template for writing an IEP or to see how IEP targets are written and reviewed for those new to resource teaching. The plan has targets relating to social skills, behaviour, coping with emotions, speech and language and self-esteem.

This plan is a fully editable Microsoft Word document.

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I am a resource teacher and the special needs coordinator in a large school. I have been teaching in support for the past three years and have an undergraduate degree in psychology. I have written and reviewed dozens of IEPs for students with a wide variety of special needs and I have undertaken multiple continuous professional development courses relating to the IEP process.

This sample IEP is based on real targets that I have worked on with students in a resource teacher capacity. The name of the child in the sample IEP is fictional and details of professional reports and about the child have all been changed or fabricated as they are for illustrative purposes only.

This sample IEP is a detailed 12 page document which provides a template for how to write an IEP. It has a pupil profile section (where details of the child, the school, assessments etc. are recorded), a learning characteristics section (where details of the child’s diagnosis, child’s comments, priority concerns etc.) are recorded, a section for long-term targets, a section for short term targets, and reflection section.

I have included 9 sample long term targets in the plan. This is for demonstrative purposes only and in reality I would only ever have about 5 targets for the year. In the short term targets section, I have provided term 1 and term 2 targets and included a review of the child’s progress for targets 1-3. This is to demonstrate how to fill out these sections only and at the beginning of the year these sections would not yet be completed. I have left short term targets 4-9 as they would appear in an IEP at the beginning of the year.



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