Teacher Records for children’s understanding of a text.

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6 Guided Reading Assessment/Guidance Sheets to use with your younger readers.

These sheets can be printed for each child to keep track of their reading abilities/areas needed to improve.

How to use this product: 
Each week, I use a new assessment focus (AF). They are marked as 
*AF1- decoding of the text.
*AF2- retrieving information.
*AF3- deducing and inferring information.
*AF4- structure and organisation of the text.
*AF5- comment on the writer’s use of language.
*AF6- to identify the purpose.
*AF7- to relate the story to others.

Each sheet contains 4-5 ‘I can’ statements in which you can shade in to mark where each child is at in terms of reading. By using one assessment focus per week of guided reading, you can see real progression in the children’s understanding of the particular questions you’re asking.

Beside each ‘I can’ statement, I have put a heart shape in which the teacher shades:
Green: if the child is secure in that area.
Orange: if the child is emerging in that area.
Red: if the child is un-secure in that particular area.


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