A set of 11 comprehensive, very high-quality yearly plans for First Class.
Long term plans included in this bundle are for: English, Gaeilge, Maths, Art, Drama, Music, PE, SPHE, Science, History, and Geography.
These plans follow the NIPT long-term planning template and guidelines and are therefore also suitable for doing the dip.
The plans contains aims, strands and strand units, list all objectives from the curriculum, outline skills and concepts to be developed, give details of approaches and methodologies, list resources, outline assessment and differentiation strategies, and give possible areas of integration with other subjects.

The long term English and Irish plans in this bundle are based on the new Primary Language Curriculum (PLC).
There is a 14 page long-term plan for English and a 10 page long-term plan for Gaeilge.
The layout of the plans are based on the NCCA draft long term planning frameworks and these plans took me over 10 hours EACH to complete!
The plans contains all sections suggested by the NCCA in their planning framework including aims, learning outcomes for each strand, a section where you can mark which progression milestone the children are on at the beginning of the year and where you want them to be at the end of the year/ term, and a comprehensive table for terms 1,2, and 3 containing the strands, themes/ topics, suggested content, methodologies, differentiation, assessment, linkage and integration.
The content section gives suggested poems, rhymes, songs, phonics, letter formation big books etc. that can be covered each month.
I also have these Gaeilge and English plans on sale separately at €10 each, but here you can buy them as part of this bundle at a much discounted price!

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A huge amount of time and effort was put into these plans and I am confident you will be very happy with your purchase. Positive reviews are very much appreciated to let other users know that these are quality plans. If you buy this plan bundle, and take the time to review it, as a thank you I will send you a sample first class timetable AND a comprehensive 6 page integration plan suggesting themes for the year and how different subjects can be integrated into these themes. This integration plan is aligned to the long-term plans in this bundle.

3 reviews for First Class Long Term Plan Bundle

  1. brandonnjane (verified owner)

    I have bought senior infants long term plans from this seller also and am delighted with all of the plans that I received! Great material and they have already made life much easier for me with regard to planning this year!

  2. Sinead (verified owner)

    Excellent resources! Moving from the senior classes down to first I have found the New Primary Language Curriculum very helpful and easy to use. The plans contain everything I need and have made my planning so much easier and more efficient already. Delighted with the quality and content!

  3. joanne ryan (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful bundle that has provided me with a fantastic start(honestly actually no need to edit) to writing plans for the new class I will be teaching this year. Completely editable and up to date. It is evident that the hours you have put into writing these plans will have benefitted your students and now they will benefit mine.To be honest the main thought I had was how underpriced this bundle is though it must be based on what the market will hold. Clearly 110 hours of your work saving me 110 hours. Thank you .

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