An engaging activity for an end of year topic- the 2022 World Cup!


Enjoy some end of term activities by engaging the children with the World Cup 2022. The country of Qatar is getting ready for 2022, so why shouldn’t we? A mathematical activity to engage children with converting units of measure (World Cup Theme). Lesson Plan included.

Familiarise the children with the layout of the stadiums. Children must measure the distance between a letter and a stadium. Then because 1cm=35 minutes, they must then calculate how long it would take to get to said stadium.

For example:

How long will it take A to get to Lusail stadium?

Using your ruler, measure the distance from A to Lusail stadium.

If it’s 7.6 cm- round to the nearest whole number which is 8cm.

1cm = 35 minutes so 35 x 8 = 280 minutes =4 hours 40 minutes

Children must then fill in a table with their findings. A fun activity for the whole class.

Please let me know what you and your class thought of this resource- I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

I have included a map of Qatar with the football stadiums.


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