This is an EAL IEP or yearly plan for pupils at the A1 (breakthrough) proficiency level of the Up and Away EAL curriculum. The plan covers the listening and speaking objectives from all 13 units of work from the Up and Away Curriculum over the course of the school year.

This is a fully editable Microsoft Word document.

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This plan is an 11 page document which is an IEP, or long term yearly plan, for pupils who receive EAL support at A1 (Breakthrough) level. When planning for a group of children with EAL at the A1 level, the same basic plan is used and simply updated with details specific to each individual child.

This comprehensive plan has a section for recording pupil details (name, class, teacher etc.), test results, lists objectives for the year, outlines what areas of the EAL curriculum will be taught and when, gives examples of specific language to be taught under each theme, suggests links with the curriculum for each theme, gives examples of social interactions that can be used to encourage the language that has been taught, and lists resources, assessment strategies, methodologies and differentiation strategies.

The plan incorporates all 13 units of work (or themes) from the Up and Away EAL curriculum over the course of a school year. The plan contains all of the listening and speaking objectives for pupils who are at A1 (Breakthrough) level according to the language proficiency benchmarks given in the Up and Away curriculum.

Note: This plan was designed for pupils with EAL in the infant classes and outlines the listening and speaking objectives at A1 level only as reading and writing objectives for EAL pupils aren’t usually taught until first class on wards. However, this plan can be easily edited for pupils at A1 level in older classes by adding in reading and writing objectives.

The following 13 units of work are covered in the plan:

1. Myself

2. Our school

3. Food and clothes

4. Colours, shapes and opposites

5. People who help us

6. Weather

7. Transport and travel

8. Seasons, holidays and festivals

9. The local and wider community

10. Time

11. People and places in other areas

12. Animals and plants

13. Caring for my locality

I have not covered the themes in the exact order above, rather I  have grouped some themes together where there was a lot of overlap. For example, I cover the themes ‘People who help us’ and ‘The local and wider community’ straight after each other. You are free to change this to suit your own students’ needs.

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