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Cover Letter:

There was a lot of interest on my Instagram ( of a sample cover letter for teaching abroad, so I decided to make one.

A cover letter is the school’s first impression of you as a person, professional and potential employee.

Even though you may be applying for lots of jobs, ensure you make your Cover letter stands out from the crowd. Read their mission and vision, read their objectives as a school and mention these things in your cover letter and how you are going prosper and flourish in their school.

For this sample cover letter, I have clicked on to a job offer on TESjobs and read their ethos, mission and vision statements. I quote from them and make my cover letter look very individual to their school in hope to make it ‘stand out’.

There is no set length required for a cover letter but you need to refer to their ethos and mission statements if you want to make them believe you would like a job at their school.

This product includes:

  • A detailed cover letter that’s specific to a school’s ethos, while providing information of you as a teacher.


As a person who has worked in the Middle East for three years, I have started to recruit with the company I work for. This product is an example of a completed CV, which has proven successful for many candidates.

Why am I selling this?

When I started applying for jobs in the Middle East, I struggled to make my CV stand out. I wondered:

  • What layout they looked for?
  • What to include?
  • How long should it be?
  • How do I stand out from the hundreds of applicants?

This product will take the stress out of applying for you.

Just read, edit (to fit your experience) and apply!

Happy job hunting!

1 review for CV and Cover Letter Combination

  1. niamhfitz95 (verified owner)

    I had no idea where to even begin with a CV and cover letter for applying to the UAE. This was very helpful and easy to use! Thank you!

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