Friday’s lesson- focus on preteaching symbols, expectations around speaking Irish, gaeilge stations to apply the learning of the week consisting of: independent writing, translation game, oral language, comhrá + game and reading/bingo game.

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This ‘Under the Sea’ themed PowerPoint presentation is a combination of lesson plan and resources all in one! It follows a very structured approach with a weekly overview, lesson overview, outline of everything you will need, preteaching symbols (to help the children access and comprehend the gaeilge immersed lesson), setting your expectations around speaking Irish, useful phrases for the children to help them express themselves and a detailed outline of four stations for rotation work. The stations include: independent writing using word mats, translation gaeilge-english, english-gaeilge game using matching cards and word mats, oral language game conversation game and a phonics reading game-bingo. All resources are provided in the powerpoint- all you need to do is print the slides you need!

Each lesson slide can be displayed to the class as a visual and can also help you keep track of your lesson pace- no more thinking, “hmm…what had I planned for after this again?” Each slide is also accompanied by teaching notes to help you get the best out of the lesson!

This resource is the 5th lesson in the series (Friday) which follows ceacht 1, ceacht 2, ceacht 3 and ceacht 4 and focuses on the children applying everything they have learnt through the course of the week.

Hope you enjoy,

Aoife ♡


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