Create an eye-catching display of the Míonna na Bliana, Na Séasúir agus Laethanta na Seachtaine with this Gaeilge Resource. This product includes posters for display for the months of the year, days of the week and the seasons. Display colourful posters all year round as reference sheets for children. Also included for senior pupils are handouts of the months, days and how to write the date in Irish. Three worksheets to consolidate skills are also included. The posters are provided in three different colour schemes. Choose the design to best suit your class. See the preview images for more details.

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This product contains:

• Míonna na Bliana (Months of the Year Posters)

• Laethanta na Seachtaine (Days of the Week Posters)

• Na Séasúir (The Seasons Posters)

• Each poster is provided in three different formats.

• Handouts to teach children to say and write the date in Irish . Four different varieties are included to suit children in 3rd – 6th class. Choose versions with Gaeilge amháin or Gaeilge agus Béarla.

• Worksheets. 3 worksheets are included for children to practice writing the date. The worksheets are most suited to children in 5th – 6th class.


Use this product to:

• Create a classroom display of the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons.

• Teach children how to write the date in Irish.

• When writing ‘An Nuacht’ children can use the reference sheet to write the date.

• Teach the questions:

Cén lá atá ann inniu?

Cén mhí atá ann anois?

Cén séasúir atá ann anois?

Cathain a rugadh tú?

Cathain a bhíonn do bhreithlá agat?


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