An Aimsir – Frásaí Úsáideacha agus Gníomhachtaí


This ‘An Aimsir –Frásaí Úsáieacha agus Gníomhachtaí as Gaeilge’ is an Irish language pack for teaching the theme ‘An Aimsir’. This product includes acitivities, worksheets and games for teaching ‘An Aimsir’ as Gaeilge. A variety of different activities are included to suit children in 4th – 6th class.

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This product contains:

• Frásaí Úsáideacha: Dea Aimsir agus Droch Amisir – Students Handouts of useful vocabulary based on the theme. Children can keep the sheet and use it when writing the weather in ‘An Nuacht’ or Scéalta. Two different levels of handout are included.

• Ceisteanna bunaithe ar an téama ‘An Aimsir’ – Questions Handout containing oral questions based on the theme of Weather.

• Airde an Chompáis Bileog – The Compass Handout

• Léarscáil na hÉirinn – Bán – Blank Map of Ireland with Compass

• Réamhaisnéis na haimsire gníomhaíocht – obair beirte. – Pair acitivy ‘The Weather Forecast’ using small weather pictures and a map of Ireland.

• Cluiche Bacainne (Barrier Game)

• Cartá Bingó – Blank Bingo Card

• 10 Bileoga Oibra difriúla – 10 worksheets (different levels to suit children in different class levels 4th – 6th, also useful for differentiation!)

• Measúnú – Scrúdú chun deireadh na hoibre. Two levels of tests at the end of the fortnight to test students progress. One test is aimed at 4th class and the other at 5th/6th class)

50 pages of activities, worksheets and games based on the theme ‘an aimsir’.

11 different worksheets are provided in this pack. Choose the worksheets that suit your class. These worksheets are suitable for 4th – 6th class. Use simpler worksheets with 4th class or for easy homework or revision with 5th /6th class. More difficult worksheets suited to 5th/6th class are also included. Two tests are included for assessment at the end of the theme. Instructions for teachers included.
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The activities and worksheets have been tried and tested in the classroom! Email me at with any questions.

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