This is a special Saint Patrick’s Day parade aistear pack.
Have reduced the price to half-price as it is only going to last you for a week.

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This is a special Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Aistear teaching pack. It will probably only last you a week as it might be overkill to do this every day for the children and for you!

I am a qualified Aistear Tutor and work in the Aistear room every day.


This is a 7-page, detailed plan for Aistear and the theme of Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. It can last for 1 week.


It details the areas of:   

·         Teaching Pack introduction to Aistear and how to use

·         6 page lesson plan with sections on:

o   display ideas

o   full list of resources

o   List of books to suit theme.

o   nursery rhymes, songs and poems to suit theme.

o   Visits and visitors to Aistear classroom ideas

o   Socio-dramatic ideas

o   Small world ideas

o   Construction ideas

o   Sand/Soap table ideas

o   Play-dough ideas

o   Junk Art ideas

·         A pdf of a slideshow entitled “The Parade” for introduction of the topic levelled at Infants ability with oral language activities.

·         Vocab cards for the role-play/socio dramatic area of “Saint Patrick’s Day Parade “


I have a list of all the resources you may need. I understand that Aistear mostly works in a big class of children with often only one teacher or adult helper. I also understand they most classes may not have water stations or sinks so have given a few ideas. I have tried to strike a balance between little preparation and huge preparation.


These are all ideas that can be implemented using a play methodology in any Irish classroom. These are ideas I have either invented or seen teachers on the net or schools use. No idea is trademarked, thankfully! I have just compiled them into one document for ease of use.


Enjoy and have fun playing!



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  1. Simon Lewis

    Excellent resource for Aistear

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