This comprehensive grid outlines Aistear topics and activities for an academic year as well as the strands and strand units that each one covers. It allows for ease of long term and short term planning as well as acting as a very effective long term plan for Aistear.

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This comprehensive grid very clearly outlines Aistear topics for a year and activities for each. Furthermore, it shows which subjects and more specifically which strands and strand units are covered in the topic. This grid would act as a long term Aistear plan but also as a tool to make long and short term planning easier for the teacher. Topics covered are: school, environmental care, houses and homes, autumn, winter, clothing, Christmas/toys, opticians/senses, the garden centre, China and Chinese new year, spring/the farm, the petshop, food, transport/the bus station, summer, the post office.

2 reviews for Aistear Integration Grid

  1. Amy

    It would be very helpful if you could outline which themes you cover in the plan so teachers can decide if it would be useful for them. I have already chosen my themes and would therefore be reluctant to buy this and then discover that it is not relevant to my chosen themes. Many thanks.

  2. Infant Teacher Jenn

    Hi Amy, many thanks for your feedback, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve updated the product description to list the topics that are covered 🙂

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