A 6-page plan for integrating the theme of autumn animals/squirrels into play or Aistear framework.
Comes with a powerpoint/pdf on the theme of “Squirrels”, squirrels role-play masks and squirrel themed songs/poems.

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I am a Aistear Tutor and use Aistear as a framework and methodology in my Senior Infant classroom. This is my own 6-page plan for integrating the theme of Squirrels(autumn animals) into play or Aistear framework. It lasts for a week.


  • The 6-page lesson plan has sections on
    • Play topic
    • timeframe
    • resources needed
    • book suggestions
    • socio-dramatic play
    • small world
    • construction
    • fine motor skills-play-dough
    • junk art.

Powerpoint or slideshow(PDF) of the topic “Squirrels” which has been written and used for an Infant class in Ireland as it  makes specific references to the the types of squirrels in Ireland.

I have a list of all the resources you may need. I understand that Aistear mostly works in a big class of children with often only one teacher or adult helper. I also understand they most classes may not have water stations or sinks so have given a few ideas. I have tried to strike a balance between little preparation and huge preparation.

 These are all ideas that can be implemented using a play methodology in any Irish classroom. These are ideas I have either invented or seen teachers on the net or schools use. No idea is trademarked, thankfully! I have just compiled them into one document for ease of use.

Enjoy and have fun playing!



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