All subject worksheets/activities ready for the sub teacher called upon in an emergency!

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This is a complete pack for the 3rd or 4th Class substitute teacher. It is designed to be printed off and handed out, giving the sub teacher a chance to get their bearings! There is plenty work in this pack for at least 2 days and possibly 3.

Over 20 pages of worksheets plus resources like bingo, loop games for maths and nature trails.

It contains:

  • Creative Writing-7 sheets to choose from.
  • Grammar-3 separate worksheets on nouns. Great revision tools.
  • Maths-Money loop game and 2 worksheets on addition and subtraction
  • Gaeilge-Class opening idea and bingo game with 3 page worksheet on the theme of “Ar scoil/School”
  • History-Stone Age-A 1-page historical account of the Stone Age with 7 activities.
  • Science-Rocks and Soils-3 page factual account with dictionary work, comprehension and word search based on the text. Integrated with History lesson above.
  • Geography-3rd and 4th Nature Trail.
  • Visual Arts-Paint and Colour idea for lesson-simple and only needs paint, paper and brushes.
  • Physical Education-lesson warm ups, main games and cool down ideas. Only equipment needed is an open, safe space and whistle.
  • Music-2 different ideas for music games.

Have a quick look through the pack before you print off to decide what you will cover. Hope they are useful to you!

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