Visual Arts full Lesson plan for 3rd and 4th Class on the theme of Valentine’s Day/Love.

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In these lessons, I use the stimulus of the theme of love or Valentine’s Day to get the children started on their learning journey in Visual Arts. I like to start the Visual Arts lesson with a visual/auditory or tactile stimulus of some kind as opposed to expecting the child to begin art without any inspiration or motivation. This technique for the lesson plan in Visual Arts is endorsed and recommended by the Primary School curriculum. With this lesson, I focus in on the artist Munch and his painting called “The Kiss”.

This lesson plans could indeed make up a series of lessons culminating in the final piece of as a process of learning in visual arts.

 I am also not a big fan of templates and aim to have 30 unique pieces of art at the end of a lesson or series of lessons. There is no reason why a lesson cannot be repeated again and again with the child being set different skill outcomes as per the Visual Arts Curriculum.

I have detailed as many outcomes as I could, this way you can choose the one or few that fit your class and the time you have. Feel free to edit and improve! Differentiation, assessment, resources, guided questions, lesson outline and extension ideas all included.

 Enjoy and let your imagination and your children’s go wild!



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