Planning yet?

It's half way through the summer holidays. Are you planning yet? If so, here are some great products from our sellers. [SlideDeck2 id=18604]

End of Year Quiz

Towards the end of the year, it's often nice to run a table quiz in the classroom. Bright Sparks has created a nice tried and tested one. It challenges children to: – recognise places and people they know from their locality, – their general knowledge – their knowledge of nursery rhymes and fairy tales – as well as their knowledge of their own teachers. It also contains some brain tickling riddles. I have left blank slides for you to input photos of your own locality and people who the children will know eg caretaker, lollipop person etc. The presentation also has an answer sheet template as well as answers to the other questions in the quiz. This quiz is suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, but can be easily added to or adapted to suit the needs of your class.


I love Targetboards as a mental maths warmup. In fact,  one could have a Targetboard to start off any Maths class. Bright Sparks has created a lovely Targetboard with questions for the teacher, which is well worth downloading. She says: Use these target boards for mental maths activities. There are 3 target boards. Each one is easily adaptable to suit the needs of your class. Each target board comes with 20 questions. From easy to more challenging. Download the Targetboard here.

All we needed was love…

Just a very short post about the Marriage Referendum. We wonder if May 23rd will now be a feature on Perhaps the theme will be equality? Maybe it will be love? Right now, it's World Turtle Day! If there's any budding teachers out there that can combine turtles with marriage equality in a lesson plan? turtlelove

Assessing Jolly Phonics

As we come towards the end of the year, many teachers look for good end of year assessments. Lots of schools are using the Jolly Phonics' scheme to teach sound and letter recognition and Mrs. M's goodies has a lovely assessment for all 42 sounds. You can get it here: KB's Classroom also has a good assessment for phonics worth looking at:

SESE yearly plan for every class

One of our excellent sellers,  Infant Teaching Ideas, has made some of the most amazing packs we've seen. Not only has she written a whole year plan for one class in the subject of SESE, she's gone and made a whole year plan for all classes in SESE - from Junior Infants to 6th Class. Here's all the topics covered in the whole year of teaching SESE in 6th class: Ireland – past and present Planet earth Weather Australia People in history History of Ireland The famine Land rivers & seas Europe World War two She's even written a two year plan for infant classes containing all these themes: Myself Materials Space Old & new toys Food & healthy bodies The jungle Spring My community Around the world The zoo Growing Autumn Water Forces Artic/winter Jobs Spring...

Summer begins?

May 1st marks the start of summer in Ireland but not in most other countries! Why do we start summer in May and not June? Some people say it's due to our saints and harvests. Others might just say we like to be different! Whatever the reason, here's a  Summer Nature Trail Activity Resources now on Covering all classes for the first time ever! €1 each!…/sese-summer-themed-nature-trail-infant-cl…/

Goodbye 6th Class!

If you're a 6th Class teacher, your time with them is shortly coming to an end. Leaving primary school is a sad and happy time for them! Mash have designed a 40-page booklet with 23 different resources and worksheets designed to help the 6th child pupil process their learning over the last 8 years in primary school. Great fillers and great mementos for the teacher and pupil. €5.