• Maths Problem Solving Vocabulary Display

    A list of problem solving maths vocabulary sorted into the four operations that correspond with each.

    A great reference point for the children during problem solving.I use this with the Super Sleuth series.

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  • FREE Welcome To Fifth Class Assessment Questionnaire

    A little assessment questionnaire to hand out in the first few days to learn more about the pupils strengths, favourite subjects, preferred learning styles etc.

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  • FREE: Long Division mnemonic poster- DEWSD

    A PDF poster to pop up reminding children of the steps involved with Long Divsion problems.

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  • 5th and 6th SESE long terms- History, Geography and Science

    Long term plans for the three SESE subject. We were inspected by the DES who commented very highly on this planning. Each month outlines the topic and then goes into detail explaining the content covered in each lesson/week.

    Integrated as much as possible without being overkill. Not following a book as we don't have them, although some of the science experiments are the ones outlined in Science Quest 5.

    Theme/topic based.
    Covers: Normans, setlement, riivers, The Great Famine, Rocks soils and Farming, Tom Crean, Animal adaptations and Antarctica, The Aztecs, America and the American Revolution, Volcanoes and Pompeii, weather, Clouds, taste and the tongue, the heart, WW2 and Europe, the local area today and in the past and the solar system.
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  • SESE Geography Yearly Plans for 5th or 6th Class

    Yearly Scheme of work and monthly plans for SESE Geography. Theme/topic based so not following any particular textbook. Initially for my Dip year, where the inspector was very happy, and edited/improved again over the last three years in Fifth.

    Integrated with my History and Science plans that are also for sale here :).

    Topics include:


    Irish geography- rivers, lakes, mountains




    Europe and the EU

    Great Britain

    My local area- surveying, mapping, sorting into residential/commercial etc.


    An Ghaeltacht

    Farming, food and famine.

    The sun and solar system

    Rocks and Soils


    Antarctica and the South Pole

    Fishing Industry

    The Banana Story

    Games and pastimes around the world
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