1st-2nd-class Resources
  • Tricky Word Bingo

    Tricky word bingo cards based on Jolly phonic programme. Bingo boards are colour coded.

    Includes a set of 6 per list and a set of 10 mixed boards including words from lists 1-4. Great for revision and station work. 

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    • $3.00
  • Tricky word lists-Look,say,cover,write,check.

    Tricky word lists 1-4 using the Look,say,cover,write,check method. Editable lists which are great for revision purposes in Senior infants/first class. A great weekly form of assessment!

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    • $2.50
  • Weekly Check in sheet

    A check in template that can be used daily or weekly to check in with your class to see what they enjoyed in school and what they found tricky. 

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    • $1.00

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