• Classroom Starter Pack

    Classroom Starter Pack

    Everything you need to set up your classroom!!🥳

    Over 210 pages of resources!!

    • Days of the week pack with arrows (yesterday was.../today is.../tomorrow will be...
    • Calendar pack (Days of week, Months - 2 versions, Seasons, Calendar Display with Day/Date/Weather/Season)
    • Classroom jobs (over 70 cards): Boy and Girl version of each
    • Months of the year- 2 versions
    • Subject Lettering- 12 Headings
    • Editable ' We are Smart Cookies' Door Display
    • Voice- O-Meter: 5 Different levels with small & large arrow
    • Positive Quote Clouds: In cloud version and A4 Version
    • Group Labels: Animal Theme (10 to choose from)
    • Homework Passes:5 different versions with 6 different colours for each version ( Purple/Orange/Blue/Yellow/Green/Pink)
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