• Dolch Word Game

    Includes all 220 Dolch words split into their 11 levels.

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    Suggestions for use: Print and laminate the cloud and dolce lists that suit your class. 

    Cut the mouth out of the cloud. Spread the Dolce words around the cloud. Allow children to pick a card, find the word and “feed” it to the cloud.

    Disclaimer: you may not redistribute or claim this resource as your own.

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  • Maths Sums Early Finish Cards up to 20

    Simply print, laminate and cut! These can be used in a lesson and as early finisher task cards.

    This set of early finish sum cards contains 112 sum cards. There are some cards that contain 1 single sum on them for differentiation. Most of the cards have 4 sums on them.

    Includes addition up to 20 and subtraction up to 10.

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  • 32 Maths Word Problem Cards (up to 20)

    Simply print, laminate and cut!

    This document contains 32 word problems including addition and subtraction up to 20.

    This can be used in a lesson or as an early finisher task!

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