1st-2nd-class Resources
  • Dolch Word Game

    Includes all 220 Dolch words split into their 11 levels.

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    Suggestions for use: Print and laminate the cloud and dolce lists that suit your class. 

    Cut the mouth out of the cloud. Spread the Dolce words around the cloud. Allow children to pick a card, find the word and “feed” it to the cloud.

    Disclaimer: you may not redistribute or claim this resource as your own.

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  • 54 Lower Literacy Task Cards for Early Finishers!

    54 pastel coloured literacy task cards for early finishers. Mainly for ages 7-10.

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  • 4 Blank Board Game Templates

    These can be used to reinforce new vocab or phrases in any language or subject – the children draw images of the new words or phrases they learned. They roll a dice and whatever they land on they must say the correct word or phrase before they can move on! You could introduce lifelines for these also.
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  • 4 Gaeilge Oral Cubes

    4 Gaeilge oral cubes.

    Completely editable so you can change up the questions to suit your age group.
    There are currently 4 cubes with 6 general questions on each that are suitable for most age groups!

    Feel free to leave a review and find me on Instagram @misslorakate for more resources and ideas :)

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