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  • 'An Scoil' Visuals

    x21 A4 posters as gaeilge based on the theme of "An Scoil".
    "An Scoil" header also included.
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    • $3.50
  • 2D shape worksheets

    x8 worksheets based on 2D shapes; square, circle, triangle, rectangle
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    • $1.00
  • 2D Shapes Pack

    x2 pdf documents
    -1 x34 page pdf (visuals and worksheets)
    -1 x12 page pdf (roll a shape game)

    Pack includes:
    -2D shape banner
    -x20 colourful posters
    -x11 worksheets
    -x7 game boards
    -Game spinner
    -Dice inserts
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    • $5.00
  • A Squash and a Squeeze Pack

    40+ page resource based on the story "A Squash and a Squeeze" by Julia Donaldson.

    Includes lots of colourful visuals to accompany the story, lots of worksheets including predicting, connecting, sequencing, report writing, cut and paste activities and lots more.
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    • $4.00
  • Addition Mats

    x14 colourful addition mats - A4

    Ideal for laminating and reusing with concrete materials and whiteboard markers (see preview)
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    • $2.50
  • Addition Strategies Posters

    16 page pdf document.

    x12 colourful A4 addition strategy posters
    x2 flower posters (+ synonyms and = synonyms)
    x1 A4 "Addition Strategies" header

    For maths display
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    • $3.00
  • Addition Task Cards

    x4 addition cards per a4 page
    x64 cards in total
    Number bonds 0-10

    Ideal for laminating and reusing at numeracy stations
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    • $3.00
  • All About Me Booklet

    All About me Booklet for Infants
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    • $1.00
  • All About Me Worksheets

    "All About Me" worksheets and cut and paste activity.

    Also included;
    -All About Me Banner
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    • $3.00
  • Alphabet Posters

    Colourful A4 posters for each letter of the alphabet.

    -Curly k and straight k
    -Long f and short f
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    • $3.00
  • An Aimsir Visuals

    x21 a4 posters as gaeilge based on the theme of “An Aimsir”

    “An Aimsir” header also included
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    • $3.50
  • An Chaisc Visuals

    x12 a4 posters as gaeilge based on the theme of “An Cháisc”

    “An Cháisc” header also included
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    • $3.00
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